Discovery Cove

For many this is the Golden Ticket, a dream come true, and who are we to disagree!  A Dolphin Swim at Discovery Cove is truly a unique and memorable experience.

Where else will you find an opportunity to introduce the kids (or adults!) to incredible Cownose Rays up to 4 feet in diameter, encounter more than 75 species of exotic tropical Fish and get within inches of Barracuda all within a safe environment?  Or take a submerged deep sea trek on the latest Discovery Cove experience, Sea Venture, in the Grand Reef, where you’ll get the chance to explore the reefs on foot alongside all kinds of fish – including venomous lionfish, don’t worry - you and the fish are separated by a glass panel! And that’s not all, the 25 minute swim with a Bottlenose Dolphin is simply unforgettable.

Although there are lots of amazing creatures to discover, we really love the Tropical River as it's the perfect place to relax!  The river gently winds through a variety of landscapes including island beach, tropical rainforest, underwater cave, waterfalls, sandy beaches and rocky lagoons.

The whole package really is of the highest quality.  Not only do you get all this, but they also throw in a really good breakfast and lunch, plus car parking.

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