British Airways

0844 493 0787
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Who are they?

Formally the World's favourite airline.  British Airways holidays are a household name.

Do they have a brochure?

Yes, the main focus is on accommodation, but there is a good deal of information about what there is to do

Is the website any good?

It is, but if you're looking for attraction tickets only, then don't even bother as you need to book a holiday in order to access their “holiday extras”.

What's their customer service like?

Good if you're booking a holiday, but we found them lacking knowledge when it came to the theme parks.

Do you get tickets or vouchers?


What about prices?

Very expensive!  Dinner show tickets are nearly 3 times as much as on Orlando Ticket Deals.

How quick do they deliver?

Vouchers are dispatched along with your other travel documentation.

When are then open?

7 Days a week.  6pm - 8pm Everyday

Do they have a good range of stuff?

Yes, they have one of the best ranges we have come across.  Pity they are hidden away, and so pricey!

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