Keith Prowse

Keith Prowse claim to be: "the first name in the history of entertainment ticketing.”
“For more than 200 years, Keith Prowse has been associated with the sale of tickets to Theatre, Sports Events, Concerts and Special Events. The company has represented the Wimbledon Championships since 1924 and facilitated ticket sales for Ascot since 1886. Keith Prowse has been involved with the Chelsea Flower Show and the Open Golf Championships since their inception".

Who are they?

If you have travelled to the US before, you may have bought their tickets without even realising!! Keith Prowse supply Florida attraction tickets to many of the major high street travel agents.

Do they have a brochure?

Keith Prowse produces an excellent, in-depth brochure, which is full of information on both major and lesser known attractions.

Is the website any good?

Visually it's great and they also have an extensive range of products.  However the problem comes when you try to book – it's a really lengthy process!  On the personal details page upon entering our address we were advised that there was another 10 minutes left in the booking process!

Apart from the flashy visuals though, there's nothing else to really recommend – no tips, travel advice or even much information about the tickets you'll receive.

What's their customer service like?

The sales staff were friendly, knowledgeable and quick to pick-up the phone.

Do you get tickets or vouchers?

Tickets for all major attractions.  Vouchers for excursions and dinner shows

What about prices?

Generally a lot more expensive than some of the other brands, but at least you can have confidence booking with this well-established supplier

How quick do they deliver?

You will not receive your tickets until 3 weeks prior to travel.  This is good if you are forgetful and prone to misplacing things, but not if you want what you have paid for in your hands!

When are they open?

Mon - Fri,  9am - 5.30pm
Weekends, 9am – 5pm

Do they have a good range of stuff?

Yes, after Attraction Tickets Direct, they seem to have the most on offer

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