Tickets vs Vouchers

With the much publicised recession at the fore-front of our minds, the search for deals has never been more important. So I pose the question on the lips of many Florida holiday-makers at the moment, should i buy real tickets or go for vouchers?
Well there are a number of factors that can influence this decision...


To begin with, we must look at the most deciding factor, price. The cost of vouchers compared with real tickets can often be slightly cheaper, so we would therefore assume that it would be a straightforward decision with vouchers winning out every time! Surprisingly though, this is not the case and tells us that even in the current economic climate, price isn’t everything.
So what are the other factors would persuade customers to purchase real tickets over vouchers?

Peace of Mind

In a nutshell, vouchers are completely worthless until they are exchanged for actual tickets. Therefore, the longer the time that elapses between you purchasing your vouchers and exchanging them for tickets in resort, the greater your financial risk.
The reason it is a risk is because you are relying on the financial stability of the Company from whom you purchased your vouchers. In order for you to successfully change your vouchers for tickets, the Company that has issued them has to a) still be trading and b) have kept up to date with paying their bills, as if they fall behind on this then the guys in Orlando will no longer accept their vouchers and in turn give you your tickets.
We can look at a very recent and well publicised example of vouchers becoming worthless with a company called Travel City Direct (TCD), whose parent company (XL Holidays) collapsed in September 2008. TCD issued vouchers instead of real tickets and after its collapse, customers had to repurchase their tickets from various ticket brokers, meaning a large loss of money and many holidays being cancelled altogether. Many TCD customers who had yet to travel ended up with vouchers that were completely worthless whereas had TCD issued real tickets instead, customers would not have lost any money as they would already have had valid tickets in their hands.

Saving Time

The other important factor is time. One plus point of vouchers is that as soon as you book them, the voucher will often be emailed through to you straightaway, whereas you may have to wait 7-14 days for the real tickets.
That said, once you arrive at the theme park, your real tickets will get you into the park instantly, whereas with vouchers you will have to queue to get these changed over to tickets before you’re able to enter the park. In off season this can be quite quick, but during the peak travel months this can take a while and mean you may run out of time to go on your favourite ride! You will also need to take into consideration any children in your party as you will need to find ways to keep them entertained for the wait.

So, these are the major factors that influence this decision. We all want to get the best deal we can, but is it worth the worry to purchase vouchers to save a few extra quid when you run the risk of losing all your money and having to re-purchase your tickets again if something goes wrong! I know if I was spending over £1000, I’d want the peace of mind of having real tickets in my hand!

Freddie Florida Suggests

Ticket Seller
Our Rating
Real Tickets
Hidden Charges
Free Extras
Attraction Tickets Direct 92% yes 7 days from booking no yes
Orlando Ticket Deals 87% yes 8 days from booking no no
Keith Prowse 75% yes 10 days before dept no no
British Airways 40% no vouchers with other docs no no
Virgin Holidays 72% no 14 days before dept yes no
Expedia 38% no print and go vouchers yes no
American Attractions 84% yes 14 days from booking no no
Cosmos 70% no 14 days before dept no no